Cooking Easy Red Beans and Rice

easy red beans and rice in a bowl
Easy Red Beans and Rice are a snap to prepare

Watch Nutrition Educators Cheryl and Jessica, from Somerset Public Health make Easy Red Beans and Rice. This simple recipe is made from mostly pantry staples and can be modified to meet your needs.

Recipe tips:

  • Swap fresh garlic for garlic powder
  • Use black or pinto beans instead of red beans
  • Fill a whole wheat wrap with this recipe and add cheese for a quick burrito

This Red Beans and Rice dish can be ready in less than an hour and makes great leftovers that can be frozen or eaten within 3 days.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before beginning cooking, check out this video for proper handwashing techniques.

Looking for the recipe?

The complete Easy Red Beans and Rice recipe can be found on the Maine SNAP-Ed recipe page.